Most crucial computer part for DAW recording -

Mar 3, 2017
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Hello, Everyone - for recording live audio performance and midi tracks into a DAW, where there may be DAW plug-ins and samples being used, what is the most crucial component of the computer system? Lots of RAM? processor speed? Processor threads? Hard drive speed?

I might be recording 2 to 5 lines into something like a Xenyx 1202USB, running into the computer to record one or a few tracks, then maybe add synthesizer by line in, or by midi. So, at the most I might have live sound running into the DAW from the mixer's USB, while also having midi tracks playing, or operating a soft synth in the computer at the same time. --Thanks!
Sep 6, 2017
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Its not just one component.

Its how they all work together, but there is one that is more important than the others.

Work on 2Gb RAM per Processor core, a lot of laptops have minimal RAM.

So a quad core with 8Gb RAM and a solid state hard drive will serve you well, a SSD drive will boot very quick hence ideal for on stage use.

The one component that is more important than the others is the quality of the inbuilt sound-card.

Compatibility of the DAW with the soundcard and its drivers is probably the most problematic issue that anyone has.

I certainly tried a few DAWs and quite a few were difficult if not impossible to get functioning on my old but still fast laptop.


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