motif xs6 vs korg pa2xpro vs tyros 3 please help

Jan 5, 2009
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i am a amateur musician . i have a psr2000 which i have been using for past 9 years for live gigs and also in my home studio for recording audio aswell as a midi controller for sequencers and vsts i have. now i am planning to get a new keyboard as i am so bored with the sounds / styles and capabilities of psr2000 . but i intend to keep the psr and dont want to budget now is 2000$ approx +/-. i have zeroed in on 3 keyboards tyros 3, pa2xpro, motif xs6. but now i am in a dilemma whether to choose a arranger liketyros3 or pa2xpro or go for the biggie workstation xs6 motif. in india(chennai) there is no guitar centre or a authorised dealership for both yamaha/ korg where i can try my hand at the keyboards. there is a selling point where i can get the keyboard which will buy me the keyboard if i decide on which one i can take. i intend to use the keyboard for live gigs (i believe an arranger would be more suitable but people say the arpeggios in motif would be fantastic for this) and also for home studio purposes. can some one help me making a good decision on which one to choose ?
thanks in advance


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