Moving tracks (slightly)

Discussion in 'alt.steinberg.cubase' started by djaames, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. djaames

    djaames Guest

    How do you move tracks over just a bit. Cubase only allows you to move
    them by interval, and the closest I get is when changing the top meter
    to 60fps, but even then I can't move it fluidly. When I'm trying to do
    precision editing, this becomes a real problem. Does anybody know how
    to move tracks without Cubase dictating where they go?
    djaames, Nov 6, 2010
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  2. djaames

    Mr.Will Guest

    You can turn off the "snap to" option completely, for the last few years the
    various versions have this function as a switch on/off button on your

    Mr.Will, Nov 7, 2010
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  3. djaames

    Jos Geluk Guest

    Op 6-11-2010 17:56, djaames schreef:
    Events on a track have a "start" and "end" time measured by default in
    bars/beats. If you set the time unit to "samples", you can move events
    by 1 sample at a time, by adjusting the start sample number.

    If you want to move all events on a track by specified amount, there is
    a "delay" parameter in the Inspector column on the left, which claims to
    be in milliseconds (but allows for two decimals, which I find hard to

    Jos Geluk, Nov 7, 2010
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