MPK Mini Ableton help

Apr 12, 2020
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Howdy, I'm new to the forums, and am looking for some help getting started...

I am having some difficulties with my mapping for some reason. The first white key, and pads 8&3 are all bound to E1, the first black and pad 4 are bound to F1 and the 2nd black and pad 5 are bound to G1... I'm eager to jump into youtube tutorials and learn how to start creating and looping beats, but first I wanted to get my A&B pads mapped to percussion and perhaps hotkey one to a loop function if at all possible.

I can not do that right now if I have multiple "buttons" on the controller all mapped to the exact same sound.

I'm really excited to make some noise with this new toy once I get over this technical difficulty. Any help that can be provided would not go unappreciated!


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