Multiple midi channels with one module?

Nov 13, 2009
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I've been playing through a EMU Proteus 2000 module for years. One of things I like best about this module is it can recieve on multiple midi channels simultaneously, therefore I can access different patches with different controllers at the same time.

I recently bought a Roland JV-1080 to add some different textures to my patches, but I found it can only recieve on one channel at a time, therefore making it inefficient for my use. (I know there's a way to access different patches simultaneously through Performance mode, but this still doesn't work if I want to switch patches on controller A while leaving the sounds being accessed by controller B alone. At least I don't think it does.)

My little bit of searching doesn't find any Roland sound modules that receive on multiple midi channels simultaneously. Are there any that do? Or any modules by any other manufacturers that do this?

Thanks in advance.


Jul 6, 2008
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Bath or Durham, England
What you're asking is easily possible, and as far as I know, all Roland modules can can recieve on up to 16 channels (32 on the XV-5080). In performance mode, you can assign patches to each midi channel. I think channel 16 is reserved, but I've never had to use that many... You can send Program/Bank Change, and indeed any messages to each channel individually, so the setup you require is easy.

It is also possible to assign multiple patches to one channel, and use the key range menu to create complex splits across multiple boards. It will however break if you send it PC messages, although SYSEX can be used to change patches and split points.

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