My first piano!!!!

Jul 2, 2021
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This is a review of a smart piano.
Also available on Amazon.

It has been awhile since I got my piano. I first have a look at this smart piano was on fb, my bro share on his page. I always hold a highly interest about the piano and wanted to take time to learn this, and finally attracted by theone.

I received two boxes, one for piano, another for bench. The BENCH IS FREE!!!!! Awesome the bench! The body were wrapped nicely, we need assemble them by ourself which could be so much fun, cos these like LEGO, I enjoy!!!! The plates are well protected.

The material of the keys feels very textured, so much better than the plastic textured of other piano. The function panel is easy to work and can be expanded with more functions through the app “The ONE Smart piano by the one”

There’s so many sheets through the app, I can easily find the sheets I want to play for, most of them for free, that surprise me a lot!

I try to learn a song in minute, follow the lights seems very important for beginner, I’m able to enjoy the melody easily, and do not need to worry about the boring to practice again and again. The sound is so wonderful, I often use it as a speaker, as well as charge the phone at the time.

That online shop provide many coupon codes! Must Ask for one discount for yourself!!!!!

I couldn't love this piano more!


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