My keyboard plays some strange sound

Aug 7, 2007
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Hi everbody.

I just got my MIDI to USB adapter today. And i got it connected to my pc.

My problem is when i play something on my keyboard, it doesnt play it right on my pc speakers. Its not always it plays when i press the buttons..
And when it plays something i get some strange sounds in the background there is keep looping all time. And the tones does loop also.

I used FL7 for it. And my keyboard is the same as ur forums logo :D
And my MIDI adapter is a M-audio uno adapter...

Can u help me ? :confused:

Sry my english btw. :p Hope u understand.


Jul 18, 2007
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i don't know what the problem may be, but you should check if there's any special effect turned on inside FL.

I had the similar problem with n-track. I left some delay and echo on the input channel and every sound I played repeated itself several times.

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