My MIDI controller keyboard spams data

Jul 17, 2012
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Hello forum,
I'm having an annoying problem with my M-Audio Keystation 49e USB. After I connect it, if I don't do anything it remains working, but randomly after I press any of the note keys, it will generate a lot of erroneous midi data. From my tests, it is mainly velocity data. For instance: I play some chords, the virtual instrument plays back the notes ok, but once I hit a random note, it will hold that note forever, and if I monitor the midi input, it will display that it's sending a random velocity value repeatedly for a while, until it just disconnects.
This happens to almost all keys, maybe all. Also happens to the mod wheel.
I've tried opening the case to take a look at the circuitry, but i couldn't find any apparent defects.

Did anyone ever experience something like that?

Any insights would be very much appreciated. I already bought a new keyboard, but I would like to save this one...

See ya!


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