Need Help With Nektar Panorama P6 MIDI Controller

Mar 25, 2010
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I just bought the Nektar Panorama P6 controller. Sadly, I can't get much help via Nektar support on their flagship controller and no one has really done an in-depth, menu diving tutorial on this controller... not even in the manual :rolleyes: .

What I want to do is create custom presets for various orchestral sound libraries. My main focus is on Spitfire Audio libraries. To start, I want to create one preset for Spitfire Strings, one preset for Spitfire Brass and one preset for Spitfire Woodwinds.

For now, I'm only looking to assign the faders, buttons and knobs to the left of the display for use with various aspects of the libraries including mic positions, dynamics, velocity, tremelo and so on. I want to use MIDI CC (UACC) to change these using MIDI learn or change the controller values. I then want to save them as presets I can load.

I don't know precisely how to change values, save and load within the P6.





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