Never Underestimate Speaker Placement!

Aug 8, 2018
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Only a brief and painful lesson to myself, airing my views might help others!

I have limited space as I use my office for my music studio so not only do I have limited space but sound treating my room would be near impossible as the room has a multi-function.

I have a pair of Focal Shape Twins that I had to move to make a little more space as I just got a Focal Sub One too. I set up the speakers on either side of a large window with the sub in the center. I was getting a piercing high-frequency overtone when playing my YC88 in the mids and the overall sound just wasn't great. I played around with it last night for well over an hour and got so fed up with it that I turned everything off and thought it was best to start again today with a fresh brain!

I noticed that the monitors were a little bit too far apart and turned in at too much of an angle so today I moved the speaker closer together by about 2 -3 feet and straightened them out a little so they weren't hitting the sides of the room. I had the sub turned up a little too high and my monitor volume was a little too high on my Radial KL8. Switched everything on and started playing a nice airy pad on the YC... no kidding!... I almost cried lol. It sounds wonderful and pure with no distortion.

I am no sound engineer and I know for many of you guys this is very basic stuff but if in doubt... check your speakers out!!

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