New keyboardist here...need a good Midi synth

Jan 1, 2008
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I've been teaching myself keyboards for some time right now, but at other peoples' houses. I do not have any piano instrument of my own however. I am looking to change this however by buying a Midi synth. I was thinking a Midi synth because I am good with computers so I figured I could get more use out of it than just a piano.

I was thinking of getting the replica of the ARP-2600, called the TimewARP, made by WayOutWare. I figured I would purchase it because it is cheap and can serve a lot of purposes because it not only plays sounds, it can create them quite well.

My question is, should I bother buying the TimewARP-2600? Or maybe I should go with the Arturia replica of the 2600? Or should I go with something completely different? Does the Arturia one come with the actual keyboard, or just the software?



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