New to Music production (Help needed)!

Jun 29, 2010
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Hey there, I'v just been interested in music production especially (House and electronic type). So I will try to keep my questions simple and to the point. :)

1. Since I have a macbook pro and a (windows) laptop, so i decided as a start i would get a Midi keyboard. Im wondering if there is something in particular that i have to consider while buying the keyboard (ie. I heard its better that it is NOT weighted so my fingers could move faster)?

2. As for software any suggestions ? (My bestfriend has reason 4 and logic pro 8 , which i could use until i get into the production business)

3. For a budget of maximum $700 is it better to get a Midi Keyboard or a synthesizer like Korg x50 which can act both as a synth and Midi. I am planning on changing the keyboard after a year or so after I start, so do u advice that i get something of an advanced-beginner or just something of a beginner since it isn't worth investing more money in this early stage?

4. I have another friend which is into mixing, so there is a plan that i start doing the main production and he does the mixing , and maybe we could throw some gigs later (We are fast learners :D ).

Hope you could help me out..
Thank you in advance,
karimnouh =]


Aug 5, 2010
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ok let me try to tackle this..

1) i would seriously suggest using your mac, for your chosen style it would probably be best to get either a waterfall keyboard (not at all weighted) or semi-weighted keys.

also you will need an audio interface, i would say if your on a budget go m-audio fast track series probably the pro if you can.

2) i use logic pro, but for house and electronic style reason will be your best bet. however there is a pretty steep learning curve with reason while logic is way simpler. and reason cant record if you would need to.

3) a great keyboard if you can find one used in your price range would be the korg m50. it has great midi features and great on board sounds. and it can grow with you.

4) Go for it!

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