Newbie with Yamaha DGX-660 putting out a SOS call!

Jul 8, 2018
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I have just got a Yamaha DGX-660 and I want to compose music on my computer. I have a choice of Reaper or Sibelius.
I want to compose a piece with multiple tracks. My DGX-660 has a fantastic range of instruments but I realise when I use it as a midi keyboard it just records data and not the actual instruments which seems a real shame. Is there anyway I can get around this. I have a usb host as well as midi ports. I can build up several tracks on the keyboard and save it in SMF format or wav audio format, transfer it to my computer and the instruments play in Reaper as they sound on the actual keyboard but when I edit or play over it comes out as a piano and the instruments sounds are lost. I want to create experimental music that sounds part acoustic part electronic. I have a 10 day deadline as it is part of a art project and I am getting no where. Can anyone familiar with a DGX-660 help me at all. Sorry about the primitive use of technological words! Thanks, Lucy


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