No Pitch correction on Juno DS88 to Scarlett 2i2 to Ableton

Mar 21, 2019
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I think I am going mad with trying to figure out what has happened here.

Juno DS88 going from mono out to Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 then to Ableton. If i choose Pitch Correction (Vo:13) or other pitch correction effects then I can hear the effect work while playing but when recorded into Ableton, only the dry signal is recorded.

I haven't tried but is this a stereo effect so I need both L/R outs from the keyboard? Or is something else stopping the effect getting through to Ableton?

The thing is I can hear the effect while playing and recording, it is heard direct from the Scarlett headphones output, I haven't tried it with the computer monitors yet.

The Vocoder and all other instruments I have so far tried under the months I have had it work fine. Just these pitch correction effects.


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