nord vs roland in my opinion only

Feb 3, 2009
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in case anyone cares:
I have both at home (roland vk-8m,nord electro2)
first I want to say they`re both excellent,
but since I have a kurzweil, roland, korg, yamaha already
I have enough pianos, clavs, eps...more than enough actually but what I was lacking in was the nice B3 stuff.
Yes..dont get me wrong I do have many B3 patches
even with a leslie simulator, but they dont compete
with the nord or Vk.
To sum everything up, I chose the roland since I did an A,B comparison drawbar for drawbar,vibrato for vibrato
percussion for percussion you name it. I found the
Roland was better, since you can tweak it more than the Nord and you dont need a reverb unit.
In this day and age Ill never for the life of me figure out why the Nord did not have reverb on this unit even for the piano, eps etc unless its was for money reasons only
to lead you to the electro3
anyways, in case anyone cares
this is my humble opininon for what its worth
thanks all of you for your help



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