Playing Samples or Soundfonts without PC

Apr 26, 2010
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I've just got a new custom PC and Im realy happy with it especialy the new sexy 3.4GHz Phenom Black :cool:, But I realy dont wana have to use it or an PC for live stuff. I need a way to be able to either use my softsynths live or sample them/ turn them into soundfonts, and be able to play them on my keyboard (with the correct pitch over every key). I havent been able to come up with many ideas on how to do this though. Could I use the new Korg microsampler being controlled via midi from my bigger keyboard? Is there an easy/ MORE IMPORTANTLY Cheaper way of doing this? Is there a keyboard that you can load Soundfonts to? Could I hoop up a keyboard via midi to a normal sampler?

Thanks for the Help!


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