Please help. Most MID Files doesnt play on my PSR-620

Feb 7, 2014
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Today I played again my old PSR-620 after several years and found that most .mid Files I have on the PC doesnt play on it.
I tried to convert to MID 0 format but even converted mostly didnt play.
Any idea how to solve the problem? What is about that special .mid format the PSR-620 needs?

The second problem:

I have some old disks holding selfmade .SGD files. I tried to rename them to .mid,
also changed the first bytes of the files to "MThd" but I cannot play or load them
into any Midi-sequencer to work on them.

Is there any program to convert them? I would love to add some additional
tracks etc. without the need to play them again on the keyboard after >10 years ;)

Thank you for your help



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May 30, 2012
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If you are trying to import the files to the internal MIDI sequencer on the PSR-620 using the floppy disk you may be running into the limitations of the sequencer, ie. that it can only play two musical tracks and one accompaniment track.

At least that's my understanding according to page 73 of the manual.

Standard MiDI contains 16 channels of which channel 10 is reserved for percussion.

I'd like to suggest you acquire a standard USB to MIDI Interface and use that instead to play the tunes from your computer.

One of these should work well enough. midi cable

Once you have the interface hooked up with the OUT connected to IN and IN connected to OUT you can use this software to play MIDI files from any PC.

Let us know if this approach works for you.


PS. As for your second question, here is a detailed thread on SGD to MIDI conversion mentioning a couple of possible workarounds.;topic=8682.0
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