Poly Evolver SYSEX to MIDIOX via Edirol UM880

Mar 17, 2012
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Pennsylvania, USA
Greetings fellow keyboardists! I’ve been trying for weeks to transfer SYSEX from my Poly Evolver to MIDIOX through an Edirol UM880 MIDI patch bay. I’ve tried many different Low Level Output Buffer & Num configurations, Delay Between buffers", "Delay After F7", etc. Dave Smith Instruments provided many suggestions in those regards as well, but I’ve still had no luck.

I can successfully transfer SYSEX to & from most of my other hardware using this very same medium, so I am unsure of what is restricting the Poly’s SYSEX to transfer to MIDIOX. I’ve checked my settings repeatedly just to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something. Everything seems to check out.

If anyone were to have any suggestions, I would welcome them. I may even be willing to try some magic incantations if you have those too. Many thanks for any assistance!

Chad T


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