PR900 schematic and component list needed…thanks.

Apr 21, 2016
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Hello, I have recently acquired a beautiful 18 year-old Technics PR900R/C Ensemble keyboard. It will need to be repaired. When pushing power button, small red light on front of piano illuminates but nothing on the control panel. I am pretty good at electronic repair. I noticed that two 1/4 watt resistors on the main interior board were burned. The copper traces were damaged and the board was carbonized in a 1/2 inch square area. Their color bands on the resistors were charred and one has no resistance any more. I can't really measure their resistance because they were damaged so I have no idea what their values are. I need a schematic which gives values for all components on the board, but where to find one? Also does anyone have experience with similar situation. The resistors are near the output transistors so maybe a transistor or two went bad and pulled down the resistors. Anyway I',\m looking for the diagrams and component lists for the PR900R/C. Thanks very much for any help...


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