Problem using Dimension Pro with Yamaha. Help !

Aug 5, 2012
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I have bought Dimension Pro and want to use it with my Yamaha P-95. So, I bought a cable (UM-ONE) to connect my computer (windows vista) with the usb connection, to the yamaha (2 midi sockets). But, unfortunately, I can't use it correctly, and don't understand what's wrong in my way.
When I open Dimension Pro, I can load the sounds. But, when I play notes on the keyboard, no sounds are produced...?
Could you help me with this ? I am desperate.



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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
I don't run any Yamaha hardware or Dimension Pro, but it sounds to me like a configuration issue. Check thru your MIDI setup menus on both the keyboard and the software. Try and make sure everything is talking on the same MIDI channels and check if on your keyboard there is a setting called Local Control. That should be turned on. Likewise your Yamaha should be enabled as a MIDI controller in the Dimension software.

Also check your MIDI cabling. Make sure you don't have the MIDI IN and OUT mixed up, which can actually be less obvious than you think. Technically the MIDI spec requires IN to be connected to OUT and vice versa, though I've seen a lot of these cheapo MIDI cables mislabeled intentionally so that IN goes to IN and OUT goes to OUT.

On older keyboards you could damage the hardware by mixing the two up, but the newer hardware is more tolerant of mix ups.

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