Program change messages query

Oct 24, 2020
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I am using a Korg Nanokontrol2 to control an iPad app. I am not using a DAW, it is straight into the app. I also have a PC for editing the Nanokontrol, but these changes would need to remain when only connected to the iPad.

I would like to be able to send Program Change messages by pressing a button on the Nanokontrol2. For example, one button to send Program Change #001, another button to send Program change #002, and so on.

Korg has its own software for editing Nanokontrols, but unfortunately it does not allow you to assign program change messages to the buttons.

I have seen online that there may be third party downloads that allow me to do this. If anyone can please explain if it is possible to do this I would be very grateful - please use the most basic explanations as I am not very familiar with Midi!

Many thanks,


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