Programming A Drum Loop On Yamaha CP300 Piano

Mar 13, 2012
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My problem is that I want to programme a drum loop on my Yamaha CP300 piano, a continuous loop over which I can practise and jam. I've no problem doing the actual programming, but I cannot find a way to make it loop smoothly and continuously.
I thought that the FromTo Repeat function accessed from the Song Settings button would do this, by selecting a single bar of music, but turning this on results in a four beat metronome count-in for every repeat, and not just before the first pass, as I would have expected.
If I turn the FromTo Repeat function off and instead turn on the Song Repeat function (again accessed from the Song Settings button) there is no count-in, but the repeats are not continuous, as an space of silence is added after every pass, even if I stopped the initial recording promptly.
Is there a way of achieving my desire, and jamming away over a funky beat?
Thanks y'all


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