PSR E463 freeze option

Apr 24, 2021
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I am not able to set a custom style or inbuilt style when I switch between Register memory (Voice Bank), the Style is getting changed. Is there any way can we lock/freeze the style so that I can switch between Register Memory (Voice Bank) ?

Can anyone help with this ?





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Jun 6, 2014
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The way you're supposed to be able to change Registrations without changing the Style information is to save the Registration without the Style information in it.

To do this, you set up everything you want to save in the Registration, but before you save the Registration you press the SONG button. Then, while the SONG button is lit up, you save the Registration.

When you recall a Registration that was saved in this manner, it should change the Voice information, Effects information, and other non-Style-related information, but should leave the currently-selected Style, Variation, and Tempo unchanged.

If you've already set up a Registration that's changing the Style, but you don't want it to change the Style, you can try the following:

- Recall the desired Registration so everything is changed to the saved settings.
- Press the SONG button.
- While the SONG button is lit up, save the Registration again to the same Registration number.
- If you have additional Registrations you need to "fix," repeat this process with each one.

You should then be able to set up the Style, Variation, and Tempo as desired, and recall the "fixed" Registrations without changing the Style.

As far as the Styles being User Styles, or external style files that you've loaded into the keyboard's User Style numbers-- the highest Style numbers, the numbers and quantity of which vary depending on the specific model you're using-- that shouldn't make any difference to the procedure described above.

The only situation where it matters whether you're using a loaded or external User Style versus a built-in or internal Style is when you're saving and recalling a User File or Backup File, because any external style files which have been loaded to the User Style numbers will be saved inside the User File or Backup File along with the User Song recordings and the Registrations.

Therefore, if you're using a set of Registrations which are currently saved within the keyboard's memory, then you load a User File or Backup File so you can use a different set of Registrations which you'd previously saved, all of the User Song recordings and loaded User Styles will be changed to whatever was saved in the User File or Backup File.

Note that if you do happen to be working with User Files or Backup Files that you'd previously set up to use for various song sets or whatever, the Registrations in each User File and Backup File might need to be "fixed" in a similar manner to the one described above, as follows:

(1) Load the desired User File.
(2) Recall one of the desired Registrations.
(3) Press the SONG button.
(4) Save the Registration to the same number as before.
(5) Repeat steps 2 through 4 to "fix" any other Registrations as desired.
(6) Save everything to the same User File name.
(7) Repeat steps 1 through 6 to "fix" any other User Files as desired.

It's a little bit different with Backup Files, because the only way to save or recall a Backup File is by connecting to a computer or mobile device and using the Yamaha Musicsoft Downloader program or Yamaha MusicSoft Manager app to copy the keyboard's system memory to a Backup File, or move a Backup File to the keyboard's system memory.

The only possible advantage of using a Backup File instead of, or in addition to, a User File is that a Backup File contains everything a User File does, plus it also contains a few additional settings which are automatically saved and restored whenever the keyboard is powered down and then powered up again. Those additional settings do not get saved in a User File, although there are only a few such settings and they're the kind that you typically set once and then don't change.

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