quattj's MIDI-MIS for Windows (MIDI Musical Instrument Switcher)

Apr 22, 2021
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Introducing quattj's MIDI-MIS for Windows!

| ]:eek:_ _o:[ |
| |O = The Master Cow’s MIDI Instrument Switcher = O| |
| |_o= =o_| |


This program is a passion project, providing functionality I have been unable to find in a good
(free) MIDI editor over the past lots and lots of years or so, give or take a few.

MIDI-MIS can be used to easily switch which instruments (programs) are played in a MIDI file.

Changes can be made to the selected instrument on one channel, an identical instrument across
all channels, or to the group of instruments that matched the selected instrument when the
file was first loaded.

Most standard MIDI files are supported (.mid, .midi Type 0, 1, 2), as well as karaoke files
that use the standard MIDI format (.kar). Files in extended MIDI formats (XG, GS) may or may
not be fully changeable, depending on the file. Instrument bank selection in a file will
remain unchanged - therefore, a file that uses bank selection may produce some unexpected
instrumentation results in the final file.

Non-musical MIDIs may also work (lighting controllers, etc) if they use the standard MIDI format
for the control scheme.

The program is currently in BETA, so please save a copy of your original files before editing.

It was written in GML (a C/C++ like programming language) using Game Maker Studio 2.

It currently runs only in Windows.

Contact me at quattj at yahoo . com with any questions, suggestions, or bugs.

It may be downloaded from



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I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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Is this something you plan on selling, or will it be a free utility?


Apr 22, 2021
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It depends on the reception it gets, and if there's enough interest. Currently, I'm the only one who has used it. I have a few features that I'd like to add eventually, including bank selection and presets. Donations welcome ;)

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