Question Ketron SD90 / SD9

Jul 28, 2020
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I have bought a Ketron SD90 and now I have the following problem:

I have been a Yamaha user for ages and have got used to the operating logic. Now I connected my PSR S770 via Midi to the Ketron. The idea is to use the Ketron as an auto accompaniment with the drums, but keep some sounds from Yamaha. So I configured the Yamaha Midi Menu:

- Yamaha Midi Settings "All parts", all channels switched off except "lower" and "upper"

I did the same thing to the Ketron:

- Ketron Midi settings "Keyboard Style & Voice", "Receive", "Upper = CH 1", "Lower = Ch 2"

This is all working out great. But I noticed that when I play an Em with my left hand on the Yamaha, i.e. an Em chord, the Ketron produces a completely different Note => FMaj7 (see appendix)

I've already tried everything and I just can't get anywhere. Is it because of the midi settings? Do I need to adjust something on the Ketron? I want to play chords with the Yamaha that are also taken over by the Ketron.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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