Real time bass creation and looping

Mar 17, 2012
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Pennsylvania, USA
Hello. I may have asked this question here in the past, but am not sure and am not sure if there have been any new developments in this regard. I posted this same thread in the General Discussion Forum but received no replies, so maybe this is a better forum to ask the question.

Basically, what I'm interested in finding is a fairly modern keyboard with realistic bass sounds that allows me to play a real-time bass pattern for at least 2 bars and then let go to have it loop, but which would also allow me to overwrite it at any time by playing another pattern and then have that loop, etc. so that my hands are freed up to do more.

I have 2 Yamaha DSR-1000 keyboards from 1986 which is the only keyboard I've ever found able to do that, but it of course has its limitations given its age and it doesn't allow MIDI control of another keyboard's instruments, so I'm stuck with those sounds from the 80s.

Any suggestions as to a possible alternate keyboard fitting the above description?

If not, my other thought was a real-time sample looper, but I know nothing about them. If I had to use one, I would prefer real-time control with many liberties for changing the bass patterns I want to create on the fly. So, if no product suggestions on the keyboard wish, any product suggestions on a sample looper?

Many thanks for any ideas!


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