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Aug 20, 2017
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I have a Roland Juno DS-88 and I’m trying to figure out a good way to record both audio and video.

I currently hook up the keyboard to a Focusrite Scarlett which I connect to my laptop (MacBook Pro 13’) and then use Quicktime or an online recorder called Hippo Video so I can capture both video and audio.

The problem is that the sound quality is *extremely* poor, as in choppy and static-y and even fades out completely at points. I don’t think it’s an issue with the Focusrite since while I’m recording I’m listening through my headphones which are plugged into the Focusrite and it sounds fine. I think it’s an issue with my laptop or the connection with the Focusrite to the laptop (I use USB). I’m not sure.

Any ideas on how to get a quality recording?


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
You are not monitoring the input sound, try recording again but with the headphones plugged into the laptop.

Then try using Garage Band or another audio recorder to confirm or not if the problem lies with your setup, that is just record audio.

I would use Audacity to record the audio, its freeware and it is one of a couple of audio recorders that I use.

One thing I am not sure about with recording on a Mac is if it automatically selects the audio source, the Focusrite is in fact an Audio Card that the computer uses instead of the inbuilt audio card which are a compromise system, what I am saying is that your problem may be a configuration one, so do read through the Focusrite manual and set it up manually if you can.

What video camera are you using?

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