roland e09 current note being played gets cut while changing the tone

Jul 12, 2020
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I hv a Roland E 09 keyboard and when i change tone ( from strings to organ family, from strings to world 2 family etc ) while already a note is being played, the current playing not gets cut for a while and disturbs the melody. Do it have a solution or is it an inbuilt problem of Roland e 09? Can the software be updated to solve this problem?

Also when using the user program there are 0 to 99 memories for the saved programs at present. When you change the user program it take a little while to see it is a single digit program or 2 digit program that you are calling and the settings in that program is loaded only after a delay, especially when you need two different tones from the same family to be used without any time delay, Can the software of the system be updated so that the user program can be made as an array of 10 main programs and pressing of single digit ( 0-9 ) selects the independent sub program so that the delay can be avoided. ie. selecting a mian proram in the menu and then calling a single digitsub program through the 0-9 buttons.

The volume of the different tone is different. is it possible to set the volume of each tone separately in E-09 ? The different volumes during change of tones during a live play is very arrogant.

While playing the E 09 in the split mode, can it be used in such away that the tone selected for the left part remains steady ( constant same tone as per the selected and assigned one) irrespective of the tone selected for the right part. Presently the tone selected for the leaft part automatically changes when tone for the right part is changed.


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.

The EA09 is an older design of arranger and you will need to check on the Roland website what version of the operating system is current and if downloads are still available.

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