Roland FANTOM DAW CTRL not working with Cakewalk: help!

Dec 12, 2020
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I've just bought a Roland Fantom and I'm struggling to use its "DAW ctrl" function with Cakewalk by Bandlab.

Keyboard is updated at 2.1. Vendor USB driver are up to date and PC connection is working properly.
Cakewalk is updated to the latest version.

I've followed the instructions of this post for sonar but once I press the DAW CTRL button the keyboard remains in the "connect the keyboard to a PC" mode, while on the DAW side, Cakewalk is in "connecting mode" (using mackie control).

I can't believe Roland Fantom is not usable as a daw controller for cakewalk and I assume I'm doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance for helping me out with this!


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