Roland FP-5 Sustain Pedal Issue

Sep 13, 2021
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So my FP-5 is showing some strange behavior when using the sustain pedal. When the pedal is held down after holding a note, it will sustain the note/notes normally after releasing them. And only these notes will continue to sustain when played again while holding the pedal down. If the pedal is held down before any notes are played, then none of the notes will not sustain at all. This behavior caries over into using it as a midi controller too, but in Midi Monitor everything looks normal and theres no extra midi events being triggered aside from pedal on/off. I tried the same pedal on another keyboard and it worked perfectly normal so It seems like it's some sort of internal issue with the FP-5. I did a factory reset and that didn't solve the issue. Does anyone have any insight as to what might be happening and how I can fix this?



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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
The FP-5 allows for half pedaling so the problem might be that it is not recognizing the middle switch.

Which pedal are you using with it exactly? If it has a TS plug instead of TRS you might have enabled half pedaling when it's not appropriate or vice versa.

Take a look at your manual and see which pedal is recommended and whether or not there is a toggle for half pedaling in the menus.

I'm pretty sure the problem is with the FP-5 not recognizing the correct pedal type.

There's probably a menu setting that didn't reset with a factory reset or it got switched to a default setting somewhere along the way.

Gary ;)

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