Roland Juno DS - Common covers

Jan 30, 2020
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So I’ve been spending a lot of time programming performances on the Juno DS and it seems like a lot of time spent doing what lots of others have probably already done.

I’ve looked through posts and I can’t see any sharing of each other’s patch/performance settings for standard function covers (e.g. sledgehammer).

Would anyone care to share their favourite performance setting?





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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
There's a couple of reasons there's no file section here on the forums.

1) It sucks a hell of a lot of Expen$ive Bandwidth and storage.

2) It encourages people to come, suck files and not participate in the conversations.

There are other options out there.

1) Soundcloud and Youtube

2) Google Dropbox and similar file sharing services.

3) Mailing Lists like Google Groups where you can specify a particular piece of hardware and attach files.

4) Manufacturer's forums dedicated to the hardware in question with their own file sections and deep pockets.

We tend to focus on solving technical issues here for people on all sorts of gear coming from all walks of life and skill levels. I think that we do this pretty well already.

We are able to attach small files to our messages, I think up to 50 K in size. For anything larger, there's the dedicated file sharing services I mentioned.

Gary ;)

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