Roland midi help!

Oct 7, 2009
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Ok I am using Reason 4.0 and im trying to use the fantom as my midi device.

I got a yamaha midi to usb cord plugged into a usb hub

I installed the midi program on the cd and everything worked fine for a few hours, I got reason to recognize it and all.
Stopped working the next day, ended up uninstalling.reinstalling a bunch of times and it worked again for a day. Now it doesnt work anymore.

My computer recognizes the ymaha midi driver, but not the fantom.
I have the fantom starting up in midi mode, and I have usb-midi thru set to off (ive tried it on both, im not really sure which im supposed to have it on..)

I also do not know what all i should mess with in the midi tab in the system set up

If i open the fantom-x editor says that the fantom is disconnected, yet when i open setup midi devices it shows them all connected and the device id is 17

When i open the yamaha midi-usb driver in the control panel it shows midi out/in to pc out/in as connected, midi in to midi out is not highlighted, and the midi thru is not checked (again not sure if i should have thru on or not, but i have tried both ways)

when i click on roland fantom-x in control panel is says cannot open: please connect device...

And when i start ole loveable Reason, it says my last midi/sound configuration cant be opened. Also, when i go to add a keyboard under the pulldown tab it says yamaha usb driver, but it still doesnt receive anything from the fantom.
When it DID WORK the pulldown tab said Fantom-x6

I have i feeling that if i uninstall/reinstall again it will work, but i really dont want to have to do that all the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

**Ok new problem! :(

Now when i reinstall the fantom midi-usb driver it installs, then when i restart my computer it causes windows not to start (can only start in safe mode or revert to last best working settings). What the


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