roland RD 600 no foot pedel rotary speaker tone help rudy

Jan 8, 2014
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I have an RD 600 that's in great condition. I recently moved it to a friends house and back. When I started it up I noticed that my foot pedal no longer worked in the organ tone the sounds like a B3. I use that sound alot. I use to drag around a B3 (back breaker) and this tone is why I got the RD 600. I reread the owners manual. Went through Edit made sure Rotary was selected and no go. I once read on line that there was a way using short cut buttons to turn this feature on or off. How cal I tell is there is a software problem or is it my pedal. I tried - Edit - Initialize All - thinking that that would solve my problem. But that didn't work Does anyone know how to reset or turn on this feature. Help Thanks for your time..



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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
The pedal is easy to check out.

If it's a switch pedal hook up an ohmmeter to each terminal point of the plug and switch the pedal on and off. It should switch between 0 ohms and infinity.

If it's a continuous controller use the same ohmmeter hookup and it should continuously slide between zero and about 10,000 to 20,000 ohms when you depress the pedal.

If you're not seeing these kinds of numbers then the pedal is defective.

If the pedal checks out it's either a software setting or a defective internal circuit in the keyboard itself.

Check your user manual for the correct software settings. Otherwise you may end up having to bring it in for service.

Here's a link to the manual.

The Foot Controller settings are on page 43.


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