Roland RD800 vs Yamaha CP4

Jan 9, 2014
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Hi all!

I'm entirely new to this forum but I recently joined a 70's cover band playing all the disco classics and I would like some views on my options in terms of upgrading my current set up.

I currently have a Yamaha SY85 and a Korg X3 in my rig [if that is the right expression :)]. The band I am in play mainly disco stuff from the 70's but also some new stuff like Happy - Pharrell Williams, Treasure - Bruno Mars.

Anyway, I'm playing catch up all the time with technical stuff and sound selection/ patch selection but I need some expert advice on the best way to upgrade my set up. I lack a decent piano and electric piano sounds and the weakness is the Yamaha unless someone can help me program it into sounding better with decent piano/ electric piano sounds. I have to confess to liking the big string sound that the Yamaha can produce which is really only its saving grace although this may be down to my lack of experience in tweaking decent sounds from these elderly beasts,

I love my Korg's brass sounds and string/ expression piano, it sounds 10 times better than the Yamaha but the dilemma I have is I am often playing 4 different patches in any one given song between the 2 keyboards and I am finding that I am being let down by the Yamaha, apart from its strings sound which sounds great imo!

I've been considering trading in the Yamaha SY85 for one of the above and I am interested to know what people think about these two or indeed, any other options that you think may be a better fit!

Thanks all.



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