Roland System 1 restore patches not working

Jun 26, 2020
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Hi ,I state that I also asked the same question on another forum.
Premising that I use a midi to usb cable to connect System 1 to the PC (I don't currently have an external sound card), I found a strange functioning by System 1 (which works perfectly).
By connecting the normal USB cable, System 1 is detected by the PC and I can perform the "Back up" without any problem, then I can open the vst and load the modified patches into it and then save them on the PC. So far so good, the problem is when I try to perform the "Restore", which consists practically in the same procedure, only in this case I have to move the patches that I want to pass to the System 1 hardware , I have to put them in the "Restore" folder: the procedure is carried out, the patches are actually in the folder, but after following each step, I turn on System 1 again and I just have to note that the patches have not been loaded.
It is strange, because if it had been a problem of connection and transmission of the usb cable, I would not even have been able to send the patches from System 1 to the PC and do the "Back up".
Another "anomaly" concerns the fact that if I use the normal USB cable, System 1 is detected by the PC (with the typical sound that emits windows, this is the system I use, Windows 10), but not by vst host nor from other midi audio software, such as Reaper (which on the contrary, detect the Vst format, which I can only use if I connect system 1 with a midi to usb cable).
I have tried the same procedure on two different PCs and I repeat, System 1 works perfectly.
Does any of you have the same thing?
Thank you


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