semi weighted(fsx) vs weighted keys, for piano expressive playing.

Jan 18, 2017
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hi everyone.
im debating between buying a yamaha montage 7(sfx keybed), or montage 8 (fully weighted, hammer action)

i would love to hear experience from keyboardists, who are also piano players, regarding the fsx keybed.

im looking to sell my yamaha s80 and vr09 combo, and instead buy an all in one keyboard. however i really need to be able to be expressive on the piano. that is, to play many velocity levels from the keys, so that i can play very light, light, medium, slightly loud, loud, and banging loud, with solo piano parts, so that it sounds expressive and alive.

so my question is, can the FSX keybed play just as expressively, as the yamaha weigthed hammer action keys? but just that they dont feel like a piano, and may take more learning and experience to figure out how to make it sounds as expressive as weighted keys?
or are the weighted keys a huge step up in expressiveness for solo piano stuff, and the fsx cant compete with it, and the fsx cannot produce the same amount of velocity levels as the weighted keys???

the reason im asking, is that since im debating between a yamaha montage 7, or 8. i dont actually need all 88 keys, and definately dont need the extra weight, of the montage 8. however i do need expresiveness in the keys, and an ability to trigger several velocity layers of each key just like on a piano.
if the only difference, is that it just takes more time learning how to adapt playing techniques to the sfx, and then it can sound just as good as the piano coming out of a weighted keybed, then i would choose the montage 7.
however if, no matter what, the sfx keys just cannot be as expressive than the weighted keys on the montage 8, then i know i need to go wtih the montage 8, and get some complimentary muscle workouts each gig.



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