Serengeti Sunset

Jan 4, 2018
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Hi All as i have said before i retired 5 yrs ago and bought a few Keyboards and
some recording gear and starting from Scratch i taught myself to play keyboards
without any Musical Knowledge , i practiced everyday at 6am till 7am and then
again in the evening Slowly i started to pick it up ..i am not there yet but i
just love composing my own Songs .. Being Most of You are Professionals any
input i most Appreciate ..Thanks You For Listening to My Songs ....God Bless
Mark ..
Aug 12, 2014
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Nicely developed piece, Mark! Especially from your starting place as a player 5 years ago. As a fellow retiree, I'm impressed with your progress in a much shorter time than I can profess. I'm less into synthesized sound than at least the illusion of more traditional instruments, but you've stayed true to a musical theme and instrumentation which keeps the song together. Visuals are quite well-chosen, too. Though my ears may be deceiving me, I hear some shades of competing chords in the last half that give the song an eerie but interesting dissonance. Again, appropriate for the subject matter given that beauty and dis-harmonizing human intervention are both at play on the Serengeti.


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