serious problems with P85 Digital piano

Apr 25, 2011
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I'm using the Yamaha P-85 Digital piano. Unfortunately it has lately had some problems.

When I'm playing to notes next to each other (especially e and f (mi & fa) or b flat and b (si & si sostenio) by turns fast the keyboard is playing just the note I'm touching first. For example if I play fast e, f, e, f, e, f, e - I can hear only the first e and that's it..!

Sometimes this problem just disappear but sometimes it comes back with another problem. In that case when I play just one key the keyboard is actually playing many keys.

So basicly in the first case when I'm playing a melody I can't hear all the notes I'm playing if they're close to each other. In the second case the playing will sound really off-tune, because the keyboard is adding some notes I'm not actually playing...

Is there anything to do for this problem?


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