Should I choose Korg Microarranger or Casio CTK-7200?

Jun 26, 2012
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Could you pls advise? I need to buy an arranger keyboard for songwriting and am torn between the Korg Microarranger and Casio CTK-7200.

I already have a midi controller to work with my DAW and samples.

However I want to buy an arranger keyboard for quick sketches and inspiring writing. For this purpose, what I'm interested most is the styles. I don't really care about the sound quality and sound effects. I want a keyboard which has good and inspiring styles.

It would be great if there are third-party developers who make styles for either Korg or Casio, as the built-in styles may not be enough.

For this purpose, should I buy the Korg or Casio?

Thank you


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