Simple way to plug in for live (Roland Juno DS88)

Jul 31, 2018
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Somewhere northeast of Montreal (Canada)
Looking at my 1st gig with my Juno DS88 in April.

I never played KB live so I'm asking around on how to do this simply and efficiently. The venue has a small 4 input board: 2 will be used for mics and 1 each for my guitar KB.

At home, KB goes through an ART TPS II preamp into a Yamaha StagePas 500 console and then to headphones (everything at line level). Sounds good, but gotta keep an eye the gain knob, as to avoir overdriving the piano :).

Playing live, I guess I can carry a preamp (I also have Studio V3, sort of the portable version o the TPS II and has a DI out), but I'm told I could go simpler: KB > passive DI > console (mic level), because the DI balances the signal and won't harm the board.

True dat ? If so, any DI recommendations ? I'm inkling towards Radial DIs, either a Stage Bug-2 (can plug in stereo) or the simple but effective ProDI, but will take a peak at anything else.

Other question... anybody use EQ pedals live ?



Destroyer of Eardrums!!!
May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
I use one of these in my living room to run a DS88, a Ferrofish B4000+ Clonewheel Module and a Behringer Neutron Eurorack Module into a Behringer K450FX Keyboard Amp.

It's cheap, well built and ultra quiet and allows me to control all the levels from my rack.

You could feed thru the mics, the guitar and the keyboard using only one or two channels and have channels to spare on the house board.

Gary ;)


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