some questions about the Roland juno d

Jul 14, 2008
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Normally i play with the Yamaha psr1500 ( with is verry easy to use) , but when i was playing live i coud use a second synth so i bought a couple days ago a brandnew Roland juno d.

I never work with Roland before.
After messing around with this machine, i have some questions.

There is no left, right1 or right 2 on the synth. Is there a possibility to split up the keys in strings left and piano right.According to the manual , one patch is in fact to patches. when i choose strings and then split. i have left piano and right strings.
Is there a possibility to choose with sound is left or right?

What's the real difference between patch and perform.
The manual wich is in dutch is not verry clear to me.

greetings pokkel


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