SPDIF to multichannel ADAT

Aug 5, 2019
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Does anyone know of a rack mount converter that will convert my 4 keyboards with spdif out to a single ADAT lightpipe with 8 channels ?
That way I can neatly get all e4 my spdif outputs into an adat to usb converter or as 8 channel extension through adat in a digital udio interface such as Motu Stage Box or Midas Audio interface with ADAT.
That way they can appear as 8 channels in a DAW or can be mixed down by the stagebox embedded mixer for live situations.
4xToslink to 1xAdat(8-channel) converter is also fine.
Cant find anything like this searching the web.

If you dont mind, I dont want to discuss or entertain analog (jack sockets) outs on keyboards they are too unreliable fizzy and bulky over time. I had it with that.
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