Sustain pedal input problem. Gem S2 Turbo

Jun 9, 2021
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Hi everyone. My problem is quite technical, but not Gem specific.

I'm using a good working NO sustain pedal ( on my recently bought old Gem S2 Turbo. The setting in both pedal ins on the keyboard is for NO footswitch (this setting can be changed to expression- continuous) pedal and cc edit mode (cc 64). So the mode is not program or performance change, or step advance.

The thing is that whenever I use the sustain pedal (simple footswitch for that cc), the sustain function works, but whatever value I'm in the keyboard jumps to the initial value. For example when I'm in performace ( sound etc) 5 it jumps to 1. When I'm in value settings On it jumps to the first one. And so on.
Which makes the sustain quite unusable. The only way to use it is when it's used in performance 1 since it's in the initial performance position.

The same inputs are used for expression pedals. And that way they function perfectly well. But there is no cc 64 on that mode.
I'm quite technical so I cleaned the input jacks carefully. I also opened the keyboard and there is no obvious problem on that particular pcb.

The same thing happens to particular button on the bank/performance keypad, but there is a workaround there with other controls, and I suspect these buttons need cleaning (since I haven't touch those pcbs yet).
So my question is: What can be the cause of this problem? Could it be a sustain input transistor or something like a buffer Ic or even demuxer etc?

Thanks for your time




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