Syncin Motif 6 and Protools + Other questions

Jul 8, 2007
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1. I'm not sure which would be master and which would be slave but what I want to do is when I press record on the Motif and start makin the beat how do I get it to record the sound from the motif straight into protools? I've been tryin to figure this out for about 6 hours now.. a bit frustrated :|
2. When I turn off my motif, the sound (thats recorded into protools) goes with it. I'm recording with MIDI tracks.. I was told to record with audio tracks with the MIDI but it records in waveform. Is this the only way? I want to be able to edit and change the notes within protools if i have to.
3. How do I map a Audio Track sound to the keys? For example, I have a Numark PT-01 that I use to record straight into protools from vinyl.. if there is a sample i like is there a way to assign it to all keys where its the same soudn on all keys but with pitches?
4. The only way I can use the Numark PT-01 is by disconnecting the motif from my mbox 2 to use the inputs.. is there a way to get it to work through the A/D inputs on the Motif 6?

This is the first time I've gone through the options/preferences on the Motif 6 and Protools 7.3 LE.. so I would need step by step help if possible.. I'll take any kinda help but just wanna get this done soon..Thanks for reading


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