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Jul 26, 2011
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Hello board!

I just joined this morning and posted my original message in Introductions ( However, after about 17 views I still haven't received any comments.

So, I was wondering if perhaps I'd have better luck here.

For the past 3 weeks I have been researching keyboards for what I need. Yet, it seems like the more I learn about midi and its uses and features, I keep changing my keyboard of preference.

I currently have an M-Audio Prokeys 88sx and love it. However, I've just rejoined a band I used to be in because we now have a duo male and female lead singer and the female singer would like to sing a couple of Lady Gaga songs in addition to others that require good synth, strings, and horns (3 voices which my Prokeys does not cover).

Basically I've gone from deciding that I need a synthesizer to a workstation (in addition to my Prokeys 88sx) to a completely new stage piano with everything that I need back to a workstation and back to a synthesizer. :confused:

In all of the research that I've done, I still do not know if it's time to upgrade to a more robust stage piano with all the voices I need or merely add a second keyboard to my arsenal.

All I still know is that in addition to the sounds that my Prokeys 88sx offers I need these extra voices: synth, strings, horns, and effects such as a reverse cymbal.

I would also like to have the capabilities of a sequencer, sampler, splitting, and layering.

My price range is up to about $1200; maybe $1500 if I see that it would do everything I need and more.

I just need some advice on this so I know which direction to take in researching. In turn, I'd be happy to answer any questions anybody else has and offer a personal review - from setting up to playing live - of the keyboard I decide to get.

I really do appreciate your time in advance!

- Jay


The Y_man

Sep 12, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia
Hi Jay,

Just wondering if it is possible to rig up a laptop with a low latency USB/Audio interface to get the extra sounds on a virtual synth for your Prokeys? Mind you, you might need one of ruggedised mil-spec laptops if you're going to be playing at gigs where people + lots of alcohol involved....

The Y-man

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