Tip:Play any midi with notes highlighted,in CTK-5000 (In case u did not know )

Feb 22, 2014
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To easily learn playing some track on the CASIO keyboard,there is a lesson feature wherein the left and right hand notes are highlighted as the song is played.To do this for any song:
1.get the midi file for the song,
2.open it using Anvil Studio
3.select the track u want to learn to play.
4.change the MIDI channels to 3 or 4 ...which will be assigned to the left /right hand respectively....:
"Lesson Parts
The right-hand lesson part corresponds to MIDI channel 4 and the left-hand lesson part corresponds to MIDI channel 3. "
5.Connect with keyboard and play..the notes should be highlighted.
Alternatively,you can save the midi in SD card and play as user song in the keyboard.

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