Too many needs, too confused

Jan 1, 2018
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Hi, Dave B. here and new to the site. Here are my needs and I'd love your advice.

1. Want 76 keys
2. Would like the best recording device possible to mix vocals and backgrounds with for making a demo recording.
3. Want the sounds to overlap smoothly for live performances.
4. Want to create my own arrangements as well as use the aid of the arranger.
5. Gigs are mainly using piano, strings, pads, orchestra, ballads, jazz settings. (Church settings, old people homes)

I've used a Korg 900 and found very little styles I could use however wonderful many of them are. I'm a piano player and wasn't crazy about the pianos on the Korg and wondered if the PA4x is better? I'm looking seriously looking at buying used either the Tyros 5 or Korg PA4x. Both seem like amazing instruments. Has anyone compared the vocal recording devices on these? What do you think of the sound quality of either in the areas I'm looking for. I've read that the Tyros 5 is a little more cumbersome to edit with after recording. Is this true?

I've watched so many videos comparing these two instruments that my head is spinning. I'm worried about buying a used instrument and it not working with no return policy. Are there companies that you would recommend buying used from?

Thanks so much,
Dave B.


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
I have a 700 and recently saw a live demo of the 700, 1000 and PA4X with version 2 op system.

The 4X sounds, and styles are excellent and far better than a 1000 which better than a 900 and certainly as you are used to Korg then a 4X is probably a better bet.

Rather than rely on Youtube video reviews if you can try and listen yourself then surely that will be better for you

Have you considered Workstation rather than an Arranger, something like a Kronos or another manufacturers equivalent, the output quality would probably be more in keeping with what you are seeking?

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