USB cable problems

Aug 21, 2020
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I rearranged my studio so I ordered a new USB (A to B) cable (5m) for my M-Audio m‑audio keystudio 49i to iMac.

Now there is no signal from keyboard to iMac. I usually use Logic Pro or Sibelius. Both recognise the keyboard is plugged in, but do not recognise any signal when I press any keys.

I've tried MIDI Monitor (from Snoize) but, although it recognises the connection, it does not show any keypresses or button presses at all.

So (and I know what you are thinking . . . the 5m cable is the problem) I connected an Alesis Q25 and a Korg Nanokey2 and they work fine!

I also connected the M-Audio to my iPad using the same cable (and adapter) and . . . it works fine!

Everything was working prior to this - using an A to B cable with a USB 'extension' cable attached.

I've even updated the OS (which shouldn't really make a difference in this situation, given the previous happy marriage of keyboard and computer)

Does anyone have any ideas?

Best wishes




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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
First of all not all USB Chipsets play nicely with USB 1.0/2.0/3.0 and backwards compatibility with all 3 standards.

Secondly, you're running Apple which is infamous for doing hardware its own way, bugs and all.

Thirdly, not all USB cables are created equally either, be they USB 1.0/2.0/3.whatever...

Honestly I'd say keep on swapping cables and hardware until you are satisfied with the results. One way or the other...

Gary ;)

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