Using a footswitch to send a "note on" midi message

Mar 21, 2021
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I am here to ask for help. I have bought a midi controller footswitch (in fact it has 10 foot switches). It is a "Midi Commander" made by MeloAudio.
I want the switch to trigger/send a "Note On" command to a programme I have called "qwertygo".
I would like to send a midi command of the sort: 90 30 38 = Note On: #1 C3 vel56
The ten switches have many commands and combinations it can send. An example is:
B0 16 pp = CC#1: Controller 22,pp

The Midi Commander should be able to do this but the manual is too technical for me.
The qwertygo programme does have a midi "learn" option but it does not seem to recognise the footswitch messages.
I am sure the footswitch is sending the messages ok. I have it working to emulate key stroke in another programme using Bome's midi translator.
I have just installed midi-ox in the hope of using it to show me a way to progress but it is also too technical for me.
Does anyone have a suggestion for me? (other than a hammer!)
I have attached a page of technical data (that I do not understand) from the manual.


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