Using Sampletank with I phone older digital piano

May 18, 2013
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At church I play piano / Organ on a 1990's Roland digital piano.

I would like to be able at church to perform live with drums and piano/split bass like I do at home
on my casio wk keyboards. lol I don't want to drag in my keyboard stand etc however from home so
I figured I could hook my iphone to the pa and use the keyboard there as a 88 key midi controller. I just purchased Irig andSample tank to do this

Sample tank can receive 4 midi channels which will work fine. I really only need 3 things drums then a split bass/ piano drums or bass/organ etc and drums.

Ok I have it working fine at home on my casio hitting my split button it sends data out on midi channels 1 and 3 and drums I can just turn on manually from sampletank.

Heres the problem there is a layer on the 1990 church digital piano but no Split. layer would just give me a send out on channel 1 and 2 together to the whole keyboard and have the bass and piano sounding together which wouldn't sound good. I am assuming its just one channel these old keyboard send out unless I am missing something.

Is it possible to set midi receive ranges or something in sample tank?
ch 1 piano plays between-c3-c7 ch 2 bass - c1-c3

Anyways I guess I am asking can a keyboard controller with no split but with layer work with sampletank to have a split point.

Thanks in advance sorry long explanation..


Aug 13, 2008
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If you can find a midi programmable patch bay, such as the older Akai ME30P, you can program splits and layers for different midi output channels. Send one midi change into the unit, and it will send out the program commands. You can define the program number and key range for each midi channel, which will let you do splits and/or layers. There may be some software available that will do the same thing. Bottom line is that you need to send the midi data, which the older keyboard seemingly cannot do. Don

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